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Taposé for Symantec a multi-tasking app for the iPad that lets enterprise users create, manage, and share multi-media journals and notes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Taposé for Symantec is Symantec Sealed and requires use of a Symantec App Center Admin console account. Taposé for Symantec also requires a subscription license to the Taposé Business Edition server environment, enabling deployment of the Taposé backend in an enterprise’s private cloud or datacenter. If you do not intend to acquire an enterprise subscription, please purchase the personal edition of Taposé instead.

Born out of the inspiration from the Microsoft Courier project, Taposé is packed with several features & functionalities:
• Multi-media digital journals
- Handwriting, Drawing, and Text
- Voice, Video, and Pictures
- Sticky Notes
- Highlighter
- Lasso tool for Copy & Paste within Taposé apps
- Wrist guard and Zoom box
• Multi-tasking features that enable Taposé apps to run side-by-side with information sharing
- Calculator
- Browser
- Search & Maps
- Contacts
• Cloud based cross collaboration
- Taposé enabled cloud collaboration and storage services
- Export to Dropbox cloud storage services
- Option for private enterprise cloud collaboration and storage
• Enterprise Class Features
- Automated Journal back up and synchronization
- Shared iPad support with auto-restore of end user journals upon login
- Private Enterprise Support Forum
• Enhanced enterprise security
- Built in support for the Symantec AppCenter as a Symantec Sealed app
- leverage a policy framework that provides advanced authorization, configuration, and data security capabilities
- manage and enforce corporate policies and controlled within the Symantec AppCenter infrastructure

And much much more…

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